A La Carte Screening

Help for the Do-it-Yourselfer. Have the experts at First Class Care by Mom’s Best Friend professionally screen your potential Nanny Hire,

First Class Care’s goal is to find families the best possible people to work for them while also saving them time, money and energy. We know some families have the time and resources to locate a great candidate on their own, but may not have the experience or knowledge of how to thoroughly screen them. For the do-it-yourselfers, we have an amazing way for you to save money and still have the best for your family.

When you find a nanny on your own, whether online, through a friend or elsewhere, you still need to make sure they are screened properly. First Class Care has the experience, knowledge, trained staff and skills to help you. We will get the information you need to make the best possible decision about hiring a nanny for your family. We are also here for consulting on creating a job description, salary, benefits and more.

Why First Class Care by Mom’s Best Friend Nanny Background Checks are different:
First Class Care does direct Onsite County Criminal Searches for all background checks in all counties the candidate has lived within the past 7 years. Most Online Nanny Agencies only do Instant Online searches or a country criminal search only for the most current address. This is not good enough when you are checking someone who will be in your home with your children. You need the most thorough checks possible and First Class Care can get those for you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using First Class Care to search for your nanny or other domestic employee all of these services are included with your placement for FREE.

Onsite County Criminal Searches vs. Instant Online Database Searches:
County Criminal Records direct onsite Search—This is a search for criminal convictions at the appropriate county courts, covering a seven-year period for California and longer for all other states. This reveals felony and related misdemeanor convictions. Records can include: case numbers, offense and disposition dates, charge, type of charge, disposition, and sentence. Courts are searched directly at the source via in person, court Internet websites or direct connection into the courts index. Common names can cause delay in verifying criminal activity, files have to be pulled so identifiers, such as date of birth, middle name and driver’s license number, can be checked. Typographical, data entry and/or court filing errors can cause accuracy issues. Also, running a partial or “nickname” (i.e. running Bob instead of Robert) can create accuracy issues. It is recommended that all names, including alias and maiden names be run at all jurisdictions for a seven year period. This will maximize the search results and accuracy.

Multi-State / National Criminal Database Search— Multi-State National Criminal Database is a data file of over 300 million Offender records, including felony conviction information, state department of corrections records, and misdemeanor information. Most states records are updated on a monthly basis. The file also contains over 8 million alias names and nearly 68 million offenses. This search is done through multi-state databases maintained by many different sources. Information will vary. It is important to note that multi-state criminal searches do not include all criminal records nationally and the information is not always updated regularly. It is recommended that if a multi-state criminal search is run, it should be done in conjunction with county criminal searches.Typographical, data entry and/or court filing errors can cause accuracy issues. Also, running a partial or “nickname” (i.e. running Bob instead of Robert) can create accuracy issues. If “hits” are found on the Multi-State National Criminal Database, the law requires information to be verified directly through the court of records.

Federal Criminal Records Search – Federal criminal searches report information from federal district courts and contain only specific high-level, white-collar crimes and crimes that cross state lines.

***All Information is Provided by PFC Information Services

Complete Nanny Screening Package: $450 ($635 if purchased separately)
1 Nanny Background Check
3 Nanny Reference Checks
1 Nanny Personal Interview
1 Nanny Contract Kit
2 Full Day of Backup Care Agency Fees ($80 value; this does not include caregiver fees)

Ala-Cart Options:
Nanny Background Check: $195
Includes a Social Security Trace, Driving Record, Criminal Record, Federal Criminal Records Search, and Sexual Offender Record for anywhere the candidate has lived in the United States for the past 7 years.

Nanny Reference Checks: $140 Includes 3 checks (Additional checks are $45 each)
Includes contacting the reference by a Licensed Employment Counselor and asking detailed questions such as: candidates responsibilities, experience, strengths and weaknesses, reliability, and a full personality rating. Our counselors are trained at asking the right questions and detecting if something is not correct. We provide a full written report with all the questions asked and answers from the families.

Nanny Personal Interview: $165 per interview
Includes an in-person interview with a Licensed Employment Counselor to get a full sense of the candidates employment history, passion, professionalism, projected employment longevity and goals. Since we interview candidates all day every day we are experts are determining if this is the right job for the candidate and if this candidate is right for this family. We will provide a full written report for the family to review.

INA Basic Skills Test: $25 per test:
The INA Nanny Basic Skills Exam was developed to assess a nanny’s basic child care knowledge. The INA Nanny Basic Skills Exam is a 40 question timed, multiple choice exam that is available to be taken online. The exam addresses Health, Safety, Nutrition, Professionalism and Child Development. The minimum passing score is 70%

Family / Nanny Contract Kit: $75
Family / Employee Employment Contract
Family / Employee Non-disclosure Agreement
Interviewing questions
Candidate Interview Log
Evaluation Forms
Review Tips
Emergency Form
Tax information which includes a free tax consultation for all families from GTM Payroll Services

Why should I order a nanny screening package?
Wouldn’t you feel more confident if your potential nanny underwent First Class Care’s thorough interview, screening, and background checks? Our unique, detailed package gives you 100% access to our experience and knowledge. We will help you select the perfect nanny with personal interviews, reference checks, and direct onsite background checks. Our nanny profiles and interview report is a detailed account of your nanny’s employment history, strengths, weaknesses, style of care and commitment to her job.

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