Q: What should I know when hiring a Chicago Nanny Agency?

Q: What makes First Class Care stand apart from other agencies?
A: When choosing First Class Care, you can be confident that only experienced care specialists that are qualified to meet the needs of your family will be presented to you for employment consideration. All of our care specialists are personally interviewed by our licensed employment counselors and undergo a rigorous screening process before ever being presented to our clients.

You can also be confident that we’ll be here for you during the hiring process and beyond. At First Class Care, providing exceptional customer service is paramount. We regularly receive letters and e-mails from our clients and care specialists thanking us for being thoughtful and responsive. The high number of referrals we receive from current and past clients and care specialists lets us know that our commitment to exceptional customer service pays off.

First Class Care is also different than all other agencies because we are the ONLY Illinois agency that is a member of APNA (Association for Premier Nanny Agencies). To be a member of APNA the association verifies the agencies operating practices, reviews all applications, documents, and contracts and makes sure we are abiding by the APNA code of Ethics. To be a member of ANPA is a huge honor as well as being the 2010 APNA Agency of the Year recipient.

Q: Why should we pay a fee for your service?
A: Finding the right care specialist for your family can be a difficult task. From drafting a job description, to finding candidates, to interviewing, checking references and performing background screenings, it takes a lot of time and energy to secure the right quality care specialist for your family. The good news is First Class Care can do the work for you. Our screening system and matching process will assure that only experienced care specialists who are qualified to meet your family’s needs are presented to you for employment consideration, saving you time and energy. At the end of your search, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’ve hired the best for your family.

Q: How are your candidates screened?
A: All care specialists fill out an extensive application. After we review the application if the candidate is qualified, they have an extensive, in-depth interview with a licensed placement counselor. During this interview we gather additional data about experience, personality, flexibility, language skills and career goals. If the interview was successful the candidates work history and references will be checked. If they have reviews that meet our high standards they are then eligible for placement. When a job is offered we perform a thorough background check that includes verification of social security number, criminal convictions, sexual offender and driving record. The candidate is also required to submit a health form stating they are free of communicable disease and healthy to work in a home with children.

Q: Can I do a trial with a candidate?
A: Absolutely. First Class Care wants you to be comfortable with your decision and that can not always happen during an initial interview. We suggest having your top choice candidate come back for 1-3 days to work and get used to the kids and your routine. These days will help everyone get comfortable and adjusted to what is expected. First Class Care has a set trial rate ($12 an hour for a nanny and $15 an hour for a housekeeper or other domestic position) that you should pay the candidate for her time. No fee is due to First Class Care for trial days. First Class Care allows up to 3 free trial days. If you would like more days you would pay a $30 per day agency fee.

Q: What about taxes and social security?
A: You will need to discuss that with your accountant or we have a tax service to which we can refer you. Let them know that First Class Care sent you for your FREE consultation. It is GTM Associates @ 888-432-7972.

Q: What is your Guarantee?
A: First Class Care offers a 6 month replacement guarantee and for the first 30 days, a refund (less 25% of gross wages paid).

Q: How long does finding a care specialist take?
A: First Class Care has placed care specialists in one day for emergency situations, but typically we like to say 2 to 4 weeks from start to finish. Much of the time will depend on your schedule and the ability to hold interviews. If you are quick to respond to us then everything will run quickly and smoothly.

Q: As an employer what benefits should I offer my household employee?
A: Household employees are typically offered 1-2 weeks paid vacation, 7 major holidays and 3 sick days. Health insurance is a huge benefit that some families provide as an added bonus. *Please note you should pay your employee 52 weeks a year.

Q: As an employer what benefits should I offer my live in employee?
A: In addition to salary, live in employees typically get room and board. Room and board usually includes a private bedroom, bathroom, TV and phone. Typically, families offer some paid vacation, paid major holidays and use of a car during the employees time off.

Q: If my family goes on vacation several times during the year can I just give my employee UNPAID time off?
A: If you leave town for any reason, you are encouraged to pay your employee. Your employee relies on his/her paychecks and to be without for even 1 week could be a financial hardship for them.

Q: Do I have to pay for mileage if my employee is using her own car for work?
A: Even if your employee is only driving 2 miles here, 5 miles there you should always reimburse them. It adds up! With gas prices at an all time high, your employee will appreciate it. As of January 2014 the rate is 56 cents per mile. Visit for up to date information.

Q: Can I meet you?
A: We are always available in our Northbrook, IL office during business hours if you would like to stop by. Please call ahead to let us know you are coming so we can be available to you. We are often interviewing candidates during business hours. FREE In-Home consultations are also available upon request. Please call us at 847-733-2700.