First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for your kind time and attention in working with me to find a person to stay with my son given my constraints and difficult circumstances. My beautiful boy is everything to me and leaving him in even the most capable hands of a stranger was a frightening proposition. However, Rita was one of the kindest and most competent people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She took outstanding care of Rapha and managed to be warm and loving with him and very sensitive to our particular needs. Rapha begged me to have Rita come and stay with him again soon and has since asked about her often. He said, “mommy, Rita is such a nice lady, I love her.” I am very grateful and knowing that Rapha was with someone so trustworthy and warm allowed me to focus on the important tasks in front of me without worrying about what was happening at home.

If there are any accolades for outstanding care and service, Rita certainly deserves it.

With warmest regards and gratitude,

By : Davida W.
Chicago, IL

Once again thank you for this wonderful job with X Family.
I have been with them for almost 5 months and just fallen in love with this Family dynamic .
Great Kids, Great Employers

By : Iwona R.
Career Nanny / Housekeeper / House Manager

The family I work for through your agency is absolutely amazing! The two children I work with are very brilliant and well-behaved! Even their dog is awesome! I learn new things from them every day! The parents are always very helpful with ideas for activities, as well as help with anything I need! Thank you First Class Care for helping me find a family and a job I absolutely love coming to each and every day, with a wonderful family who respects me as a professional, and as a person!

By : Colleen B.
Career Nanny

I never do reviews but I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thrilled we are with Sabiha. She is great with the kids and the house. She works hard and anticipates our needs. She is also smart. I feel a lot better now that this situation is stable. People always take the time to complain but not do a good review. I wanted to take the time to tell you using your agency is one of the smarter decisions I have made.

By : Joel B.
Deerfield, IL

Colleen has been wonderful- a lifesaver. She does what needs to get done around the house and she is great with the kids. She is a very honest and trustworthy person.
Going back to work after being out of it for 10 years has not been easy, but it would have been very stressful if I didn’t have Colleen’s help.

By : Anne G.
Glenview, IL

Kettly is awesome! She’s making a big difference in our families life. THANK YOU!

By : Brooke F.
Highland Park, IL

I want to take sometime and commend you on such a wonderful job you have done with First Class Care. The constant emails you send me displays the hard work you and your staff put into this company. You work to educate, train and praise your nannies and workers. Helping them to continue with Professional Development is important to keep up with new techniques and strategies to better complete their job. I really hope that First Class Care receives an award because you are well deserving of one.

By : Janique
Professional Nanny

Thank you for reaching out to me. We love Emma. She is like family to us and we don’t know what we would do without her. Thank you for all of your help in placing her in our home.

By : Jackie B.
Chicago, IL

My interview with the Lake Forest family went amazing! This family seems like a perfect fit for me. They were the most pleasant family I have ever interviewed with and our conversation seemed so natural, it was great! Thanks for all that you and the agency do for us nannies, this has been such a pleasant experience. :) I can not wait for the next step.

By : Ashley L. – Nanny
Vernon Hills, IL

Hi Steve, First of all, I want to thank you for the quality of candidates you have introduced to us. My husband and I have been blown away by all three women and we are so grateful.

We are extremely interested in working with xxxx.  We were impressed with her confidence, humor, spirit and sense of adventure!

By : Mikelle K.
Chicago, IL

Maria is amazing, can’t thank you again for helping connect us!

By : Chris S.
Glencoe, IL

I would love for you guys to know that I am VERY happy working for the K family!! They are the best and I love the children! I appreciate all your help to match me with this wonderful and awesome family! I feel so blessed in many ways!!

By : Claudia C. – Nanny
Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know how outstanding Lisa is. What a difference she’s made in our lives.
Many thanks and hope all is well

By : Sharyl M.
Chicago, IL

Thank you so very much! You have been an absolutely wonderful service. Every single person that watched little Gwendolyn was outstanding. Every aspect of your business was phenomenal! We are moving to Newport Beach in Orange County. If you have a recommendation that would be fantastic!! Thank you again for everything! You truly are the best!

By : Sara L.
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much! I honestly could not be happier :) So elated and overjoyed I found such an amazing opportunity and a truly awesome family to work for through your company. I knew from the moment I walked in that it was “the one”. I’ve been searching through your company and on my own- this is such a relief! Wow!!!!!! I am so grateful for all of your help. With Heartfelt Thanks!

By : Lisa P. - Nanny / Assistant
Chicago, IL

I’m really thankful for you giving me the great opportunity. I can’t believe that I have 6 months working with the H family. I want to thank everyone at First Class Care and God bless you all. This is the best agency and I’m really happy to send my friends and family to you!

By : Natty R. – Professional Housekeeper
Chicago, IL

Last night was fabulous! She is a miracle worker! I loved her and hope to keep her until the kids are sleeping through the night.
Thanks a ton!

By : Stefanie H.
Lake Forest, IL

Thanks for checking in. I’m so thankful for you placing me with the R family, they are super awesome!! Their son is developing well at a fast pace and I’m glad I play apart of his growing. Everything is going well. THANK YOU!

By : Mecktilda – Professional Nanny
Chicago, IL

I just want to thank you for helping me to find this job. I LOVE MY JOB. The family is wonderful to me. I can”t complain at all. They gave me a raise as well as increased my responsiobilities. I do full housekeeping as well as shoping for them and help a little with the baby and dogs. I will tell all my friends about your great agency. Thank you so much!

By : Ela – Professional Housekeeper
Morton Grove, IL

I really am impressed with Jazmin. She is very sweet and loving with my kids. She does not even know my kids but she has wonderful energy and is kissing and hugging my kids and is very loving. My daughter Arielle, who does not like many people because she is very shy took to her right away and they were best friends in 5 minutes.

I just brought my son home from school and my house is clean and I could hear Arielle giggling in the bedroom while they were playing.

I would defin. like to use her again in the event she is available when my nanny is out or on vacation or cannot work on a Saturday.

By : Nicole S.
Glencoe, IL

Erin, Everything with The B family is WONDERFUL!! I feel so lucky to have found them! They have been nothing but pleasant to work with and have made me feel like a real part of the family since day 1. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you’re truly appreciated for what you do. Making the decision to go from teaching to being a nanny was not easy and I will admit I had a lot of anxiety prior to my first day with the kids but I can honestly say I made the right decision. I’m glad I made the switch and I have no regrets!! I am one of the few very fortunate people that can honestly say “I LOVE my job!” Thanks again for all your help and support in getting to where I am today.

See you at National Nanny Day!–a ticket was one of my Christmas presents :-)
By : Elizabeth – Professional Nanny / Teacher
Willowbrook, IL

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for meeting with me today. I was nervous and your kindness and professionalism was really what I needed to put me at ease. I am so impressed with you and with First Class Care. I have been looking for so long for a reputable agency that I am just thrilled to have found First Class Care. I look forward to partnering with you to find a great family!

Thanks again.
By : Kelly S.
Westmont, IL

Everything is going great with Maya. We are very happy and the baby loves her. We cannot imagine a better fit for our family.

By : Gina D.
Arlington Heights, IL

Valentina’s first day was today and I LOVE HER. A thousand thank yous for finding us someone so wonderful!!!

By : Anna T.
Northbrook, IL

Thank you so much for your help – I would recommend your superb service to anyone.

By : Allegra P.
Evanston, IL

Great temp nanny yesterday! Fred had a fever and she called me and gave him tylenol and basically handled the situation perfectly.

Another great experience with your company. So happy to have found you!
By : Nancy Y.
Chicago, IL

Just a quick note to say our interview with Kwamba was really fantastic. She and Isaac hit is off so well he was reluctant to let her out the door! I am actually struggling not to feel like my mind is already made up. But I do suspect that today’s additional two interviews may be all we need to bring us to a decision.

By : Ben L.
Chicago, IL

Erin, Elizabeth has been amazing, she’s been a perfect fit for us. She and Stella are two peas in a pod and are getting along beautifully. Stella is doing really well with her and is developing well with her guidance.

We’ve been very happy since she started. We’ll definitely let you know how things are progressing, but we’re very happy with her.
By : Laurel B.
Western Springs, IL

Erin – Things are going great! I really enjoy working for The X’s! I couldn’t ask for a better placement! Thanks for all your help in getting me here!

By : Elizabeth S. – Professional Nanny
Willowbrook, IL

Kellie our temp nanny was absolutely fantastic! Between you and Kellie, everything was first class.
Thank you for all the help.
By : Brad W.
Brownsburg, IN

I am blown away with the process – very impressive. This is the first time I have ever been a client and this is awesome! Wow. Thank you so much!

By : Stuart D.
Austin, TX

Latoya was an amazing nanny for my girls. She was compassionate, patient, playful and responsible. We thoroughly enjoyed her and were sad to say good-bye. The next time we are in Chicago and I need a nanny for my daughters, I will definitely request Latoya again. I was able to really enjoy my business conference knowing that Erin and Halle were in loving, caring and competent hands. Thank you again.

By : Lorrie P.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Thank you for checking in. Happy 1-year Anniversary to me!

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in my search for a dream job.
X and X are the most generous, loving and understanding people.
We get along pretty well and we make such a unique team. My job is nothing, but a true pleasure !

I am practically a member of their family now! I love all 3 children equally and more with each passing day. Of course this position relies on a huge flexibility, brings on many challenges and requires lots of patience, but I would not change anything.
I go above and beyond for the X family and there is nothing I would not do for them.

I am so proud of the kids development, their progress in all areas and their achievements.
We went slowly, but effectively through potty training, sleep patterns and eating habits.
It makes me so happy to be a part of it all. I feel wonderful being able to help with my expertise.

Every day the children greet me with big smiles, they shower me with hugs and kisses.
I am confident I am doing everything right and I am being rewarded for it.

All of it makes me very passionate about my role in everyday tasks.
I see the happiness and appreciation for everything I do for them.
I am very proud of my work and look forward to many, many years together.

Thank you again for everything !

By : Agnes K. – Professional Nanny / House Manager
Lincolnshire, IL

Thank you so much for sending over such a wonderful babysitter! Ekaterina was absolutely perfect. We will definitely request her the next time we need a sitter.
By : Carshae D.
Chicago, IL

Thanks for your help and warm welcome this morning. Your professional and friendly attitude made me feel very much at home. I will be honored to work with your agency.

By : Bridget – Career Nanny
Chicago, IL

My husband Kevin and I worked with you two years ago now to hire Diane, our nanny. I have to say Diane is simply amazing…she is still with us today and the kids just adore her. I can’t tell you enough how much she means to our family! All thanks to First Class Care!

By : Colleen C.
Grayslake, IL

The past few months have been great! I get along extremely well with the parents and I honestly enjoy spending time with each of the kids. I haven’t felt surprised with anything I’ve been needed to do at my job the past few months. Everything was clear in your description of the job requirements as well as what the mom outlined for me in our interview together.
I speak very highly of your company to other people who are in a similar position to what I was half a year ago. I hope that if they do get the opportunity to work with your company they are as happy with their placement as I am.
Thank you for changing my life in a very positive way!

By : Jessica C. – Professional Nanny
Chicago, IL

First Class Care provided us with an exceptional nanny on a trip we took to Chicago for a wedding. Erin Krex was so nice and helpful prior to our trip and really took the time to identify what our needs were and did her very best to find a nanny who had experience with babies and toddlers. She also did her best to secure the same nanny for us over a period of a couple of nights and events. My husband was the best man in the wedding and I had a 19 mos old and a 2 mos old at the time and I needed a great helper! Erin provided us with a nanny who herself had raised children 17 mos apart – she handled our children with ease. In my professional life, I happen to be a professional nanny consultant, known as The Nanny Doctor, I know great nannies when I see them and First Class Care provided me with a fantastic nanny! If you are in Chicago or the Chicagoland area and need a nanny, definitely call Erin at First Class Care – they won’t let you down!

By : Lindsay H.
Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I had spoken with another agency (North Shore) and you have by far provided a much superior level of customer service and response. I would and will recommend your agency over other agencies to my friends who will be looking for nannies in the future. Thank you for your professionalism and follow-up.

By : Kate S.
Chicago, IL

You are just amazing. Thanks for sending Kelly today. She was great and I can’t believe you did all that work for us so late at night. Thank you!!
By : Nancy Y.
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for your help. Kyler is working out great! Don’t know how we survived without her!

By : Jason
Deerfield, IL


Everything is going really well with Kamilla – she is terrific with our daughter and has settled in really well and really quickly. We did complete the Family / Nanny Agreement together during her first week and I think that was a good exercise to articulate all expectations upfront. Initially we’d preferred that Kamilla didn’t take our daughter anywhere in the car – now as we’ve gotten comfortable with her we’re getting ready to change that, and identify some fun winter activities they can sign up for.
Thanks for checking in!

By : Mary B.
Downers Grove, IL

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and hearing about your company. You made such an impression on me because you go so far beyond what I think of as the average ‘domestic help’ agency. The McPherson Academy took me by surprise but I can see that the market is here for it. And your website is fantastic with that huge page of testimonials and your blog. Normally I glance at those kind of things but yours really drew me in. Seriously: it is ‘first class’. I will definitely recommend you to my friends in need (and hopefully I’ll be able to hire a weekly chef myself at some point:)

By : Nancy L.
Chicago, IL

Thank you for sending the 1 year anniversary reminder and packet. It is very helpful. We are really happy with Darah. She is completely dependable, great with the kids and manages everything very well. She also cooks dinner for our family every weeknight – which has just been beyond terrific. Thanks for sending her to us!!

By : Angela E.
Evanston, IL

As usual, the woman you sent today has been very good with our baby. I just wanted to say how pleased we are to have such a resource. I always feel comfortable with the women you send. It has been almost two years since we started using your service. THANK YOU!

By : Rachel W.
Highland Park, IL

Erin, Thanks for checking in !

I am very pleased to say that I am thrilled working for the X Family !
Things are going great for both us. I am so excited about how quickly the kids accepted me in their young lives. I just love spending time with all of them !

It is hard to believe it has already been 3 months working for X and Y.

I am very proud of my work and I feel lucky to be placed in this nanny position.
So thank you again for finding a dream job for me!

By : Agnes K. – Professional Nanny / House Manager
Lincolnshire, IL

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for finding me this job and at the same time a wonderful family!

By : Lorena – Live-In Housekeeper
Vernon HIlls, IL

I recently transplanted back to the Chicago area from LA seeking work as a chef, house manager or personal assistant for I have extensive experience doing them all. I also worked in entertainment for years as an event producer. I was impressed with the amount of time and energy First Class Care put into “packaging’ me in a new market. They made sure to speak with as many of my past employers, and carefully walked me through how we could utilize my eclectic skills into finding the perfect job for me and matching me to my future employer. They really understood that I am not just looking for a job, that I am looking for a job where I can be valued and fulfilled. I am excited to be part of their team. I also know they are discerning so that I will be placed in a job with a good family who values and appreciates my services.

By : Susan R. – Professional House Manager / Chef
Chicago, IL

I’ve known Erin since 2008. She is always available and personable and very comfortable to talk to. She’s never in a hurry to get off the phone and actually answer’s the phone most of the time. She’s one of those people that you want to do good to make her proud. She really bends over backward for Client’s and placements. I’m proud to say doing business with Erin has been an amazing journey. If it wasn’t for her I never would have met so many amazing families that have brought joy into my life. The day I dialed First Class Care’s number was the first day of many more Blessed days. Thanks for everything Erin!

By : Susan C. – Professional House Manager / Housekeeper / Nanny
Glendale Heights, IL

Thanks so much for checking in. Agnes is absolutely wonderful, and a true professional. She has made my transition back to work so easy. Our daughter loves her, and my husband and I couldn’t be happier! I have already recommended First Class Care to several friends and co-workers. Thanks again for all of your help.

By : Erin
Chicago, IL

The sitter was great – many thanks for sending her!! I wish we had a service as professional as yours
here in Atlanta.

By : Shilpi
Atlanta, GA

Erin and Steve-
Thank you very much for hosting the Charles MacPherson Housekeeper Training. The sessions provided a wonderful learning opportunity with a dynamic instructor. I returned to Seattle with useful tips and practices to share with my team and help us improve services.

It was a pleasure to met you both. I truly admire the support you provide for your candidates.
Sincerely, Jessica M

By : Jessica M. – Professional House Manager
Seattle, WA

Erin, Everything is going great.The family I work for is really nice, very friendly and respectful. I am very happy
to work for them. Your agency is great and so helpful :) I told my friends about First Class Care and my experience with you, so when they decide to change their job they may want to contact you. Thanks again for everything!

By : Ela – Professional Housekeeper
River Grove, IL

Everything was great with our babysitter Ania– and we will certainly use your service again. I will let you know.
Many Thanks

By : Ellen
Chicago, IL

Hi, Erin!!!!!

I thank God everyday for having people like you that matches people with their own unique needs. And I believe that it is also through divine intervention that makes our destiny. Without your help I wouldn’t be where I am now. I have been very lucky in all areas of my life because I am blessed with an employment agency that has a good track record of putting people in the right places. I am thankful that I have this wonderful employer who has a very kind and compassionate heart. I am thankful that I have Eva to work with because we have are a good team mate. We just get along fine. I am thankful that Gabi, my charge is eager and willing to learn new things not only academically but also physically and spiritually. Emotionally she is very much grounded. I do have the desire to get connected with one of your programs to better myself. i must look into this. I thank you for keeping me updated always with what is going on. My! My! My! How time flies by and I have been with the XXXX family for four years now. It didn’t seem that long ago I went into your office to fill out a form.

Most of all Erin, I pray to God and thank Him that You have a heart of gold to be a vessel and a medium to make things work out for people in need. You are the greatest blessing of all. I salute you!!!!! Thank you for being you! More power to you and your staff. God bless.

By : Jane – Career Nanny
Glenview, IL

Erin, Both of the interviews went great! Thanks again for setting them up. You were right, they are both fantastic!
By : Kelly
Chicago, IL

Many thanks Erin. We were very pleased with all the nannies you found for us for our trip to Chicago, and Alexander had a great time with all of them. This made a huge difference to the success of our trip – so thank you for all your help. Best wishes

By : Bruce
London England

Erin, Our Temp Nanny Celeste was fantastic!
The kids loved her and thought she was a lot of fun. To only be with them for only 3 days, they meshed very well! Thanks for checking in.

By : LaDonna
Park Ridge, IL

Erin, I need to get a babysitting on Tuesday. We’ve had Ari and Urzula in the past. Both are fantastic. By the way, last week I came home to a folded basket of laundry courtesy of Urzula!! I was so thankful. I didn’t even mention I had some wet clothing in the washer. Urszula just took the initiative to look, transfer clothes to the dryer, and then fold them. WOW.

Please pass on my appreciation.

By : Susan
Elmhurst, IL

By : Angela
Evanston, IL

Thanks for helping us out last night. Olga was wonderful, all of my children really liked her.
I will definitely be using your agency again!

By : Noreen
Riverwoods, IL

All of the candidates were so strong it was very difficult for us to determine just one. I have to say, we have worked with a few other agencies and yours are the strongest candidates we have seen!
Thanks for everything!

By : Linda
Glenview, IL

Thank you for the candidates that you sent today.
Both are obviously very different from one another but they are great examples of the two types of nannies I am seeking! You did a wonderful job of picking people that fit the descriptions of the type of nannies that would fit this position.
Thanks again for all your help.

By : Abra
Kenilworth, IL

Just a quick note to let you know that Monique is working out great. Our girls adore her, and she’s doing a good job balancing fun/play with school work/tutoring. She even helps our girls practice their soccer drills during the off-season.

Communication is good — we often text back and forth with reminders, schedules, etc, which makes me feel a lot more hip than I really am. ;-)

GTM is also a great help — the online payroll/tax system is very easy to use.

Overall, we’re off to a great start. Happy to refer you guys to friends and co-workers.

By : Tracey
Glenview, IL

Hello Erin – just a quick note – Diane is FANTASTIC! We just love her. Things are going so well; she is a perfect fit for our family. And yes, we’ve told Diane this too : ) Thanks for all your help, we could not be happier.

By : Colleen
Grayslake, IL

Sarah, the chef you sent me from First Class Care, gave me such peace of mind! I usually have to prepare for 8 hours for a dinner for 20 people. I picked recipes and went to the grocery store. I handed Chef Sarah about 6 recipes. I then showed her my kitchen. This is a kosher kitchen, not so easy to follow the rules in this kitchen. Meat on one side, dairy on the other. Sarah was ready. She worked for 4 hours, finished all the recipes and did not have to ask me any questions. She left the kitchen cleaner than when she started. The dinner is tonight but I already tasted it all and it is tasty and looks great! She made it look so easy! Why would I cook for 8 hours when she can do it in 4 while I work those 8 hours at my job and help people and make the money I need! I was more than happy to pay her for the 4 hours and pay the agency fee. I already have 5 friends I have told about Chef Sarah from First Class Care and they have all asked me how to reach First Class Care. Thank you for the gift of many extra hours to work and be with my kids today! I will be requesting Sarah anytime I have people over for a meal. She is a pleasure and you made it very easy!

By : Deborah
Skokie IL

Honestly the name says it all “First Class”. We spoke with some other agency’s that were recommended by friends. They all seemed a bit pushy and cheap. Erin at First Class took the time to listen to our needs and interview the appropriate candidate before presenting them to us for an interview. Well worth the price. Excellent everything on this one, a few steps above the rest.

By : Jason
Glencoe, IL

Thank you for the 3 year anniversary card. We have been so thrilled to have Andrea for so long. She has been and continues to be so terrific and such a big reason for my success at work — knowing that everything at home is so under control. Thank you for introducing us to her three years ago!!!!

By : Angela
Evanston, IL

Hi, thank you for checking on us. Agata did great and was such a natural with Whitley. Thank you again for accomodating us in a last minute situation. And thank you for sending us someone so great.

By : Tiffany
Joplin, MO

It was very nice to meet you this morning. I am very impressed with your agency and how it is run, one of the best agencies I have talked to and met in person in all the years I have been a nanny. Thanks for everything!

By : Lisa (Professional Nanny)
Lisle, IL

We thought Sarah did a great job babysitting and will definitely want to book her again the next time we are going out. Thanks for everything!

By : Mike
Chicago, IL

Sarah was absolutely perfect!!! We wanted to put her in a carry on and bring her back to Los Angeles.

By : Kenya
Los Angeles, CA

Erin-Thank you for our yummy holiday treat. Especially, thank you for Adriana. It is like night and day from our previous nanny. We are in awe of her and the way she commits herself to working for and playing with our children and family. She is truly First Class!

By : Michelle
Chicago, IL

First Class Care made our search for our nanny as easy and as painless as possible. We were sent exceptional candidates which all fit our criteria. Not a moment of our time was wasted.
Nothing is more important to us than to find the right person who will love our daughter as we do. We feel truly blessed to have found what we believe to be the perfect match thanks to Erin at First Class Care.

By : Beth
Long Grove, IL

First Class Care helped us find a sitter for a few important family events. Erin’s attention to detail and quick response ensured that we found a great sitter. My husband and I were able to enjoy an evening away in peace, knowing that our brood of four were well cared for. Thank you, Erin!

By : Laurie
Deerfield, IL

I couldn’t ask for a better situation! I love my job more everyday!
I am happy and going strong!

By : Sadaf (Nanny)
Chicago, IL

My job is great! My boss is wonderful! Thank you so much! My summer is going really well.

By : Julie (House Manager / Chef)
Chicago, IL

Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of working with Erin as a business partner. A true and devoted professional, Erin gives nothing short of 110% to all of the Chicagoland families that have come to rely on First Class Care for their domestic needs. Her dedication to her employees and the families that they service is beyond reproach. As her partner, Erin’s industry-insight, ingenuity and business acumen are valuable resources that I myself have come to rely upon. I would highly recommend Erin and the entire team at First Class Care.

By : Lara
New York, NY

Silvia is really working out great. She is really the perfect fit for our family and such a nice lady. Thanks so much!

By : Sabrina
Chicago, IL

I just wanted to send a short note saying how well everything worked out with Mena and our boys. She was very good with them and I can tell they really liked her. Thanks again for being able to accomodate us on such short notice we really appreciate it,

By : Jennifer
Highland Park, IL

I am very thankful for the job you found me.The Family is great and three girls are amazing. Thank you for taking care of me!

By : Asta (House Manager / Nanny)
Wheeling, IL

Thank you so much for sending us Christina… She was absolutely wonderful. Joseph loved being with her. A perfect match.

By : Margaret
Chicago, IL

Over the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of working with Erin as a business partner. A true and devoted professional, Erin gives nothing short of 110% to all of the Chicagoland families that have come to rely on First Class Care for their domestic needs. Her dedication to her employees and the families that they service is beyond reproach. As her partner, Erin’s industry-insight, ingenuity and business acumen are valuable resources that I myself have come to rely upon. I would highly recommend Erin and the entire team at First Class Care.

By : Lara
New York, NY

Thanks for everything!!! Christina was a super babysitter. She was punctual, very friendly and nurturing. She sang beautiful lullabies to my daughter and took her on 2 nice walks. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future on my next visit to Chicago.

By : Kenya
Los Angeles, CA

It sounds like Nancy is really liking it out in Arizona. Doris, Max and her seem to be getting along quite well. Thanks for checking in on her and of course thanks for all your hard work in finding such wonderful people to take care of my mother.

By : Doug
Chicago, IL

I wish I could have found your website years ago! When I went into your office, I didn’t know what to expect. You were very nice and even thought of a family that would be perfect for me, and look what happened! Within 48 hours of my interview I was offered a great job with a wonderful family. Thanks again for all your help.

By : Zachary (Manny)
Glenview, IL

First Class Care was great in helping me figure out what I needed when I was in need of help. My twins were coming home and I didn’t have time to interview dozens of nannies. I found an amazing nanny quickly and she is now a part of our family.

By : Cheryl
Highland Park, IL

Thank you for a smooth and easy process. I truly appreciate your professionalism and you will be highly recommended to all of my friends for any babysitting/nanny needs. Thanks again!

By : Sophia
Wilmette, IL

We LOVED Ioana…she (and you) helped make our visit to Chicago fabulous. She was more than we could have hoped for…punctual, efficient, very capable, loving, took charge and took wonderful care of the children. Thanks so very much.

By : Jessica
Houston, TX

Erin, Julie’s great! She is just the right person and I am delighted with how things are working out. I think she’s enjoying it too. She has made the quality of our family’s busy lives so much better!
Thanks for your wonderful professional and quick, responsive service. I have recommended your company to several friends.

By : Cath
Evanston, IL

Thanks for checking in with us. Everything is going great and Bonnie is WONDERFUL!!! I tell everyone about your service because you sent us all wonderful people. Hope everything is going well with you. Lisa

By : Lisa
Northbrook, IL

Things are going great with Jane. What a treasure!!! Gabi loves her and so do I!!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!

By : Charlene
Glenview, IL

Dear First Class Care,
We just wanted to let you know that we are so happy to have went through your service. We loved our babysitter Luca and she was great with our daughter. Uncharacteristically, our baby wouldn’t sleep and threw up twice all over herself and the bed after we had left. Luca cleaned her up and got her to sleep then called us to tell us she was doing fine. We loved the follow up and her attitude was so positive and easygoing about it all–she just rolled with it and said she’d be happy to sit for us anytime. We will definitely request her from now on. Many thanks,

By : Tammy
Chicago, IL

Thanks for checking in. Patricia is a super-nanny! She is doing an outstanding job with the boys, who have become very attached to her (they insist on hugs and kisses before she leaves each day). She is extremely professional, and we only hope she is as happy with us as we are with her.

By : Lori
Highland Park, IL

Lucky was great. She was very prompt (actually early) so we had plenty of time to go over the evening. She was very loving with our baby Kate and my toddler Caroline had fun with her too. Thank you so much for helping us find a babysitter on such short notice. We had a great night out!

By : Erica
Deerfield, IL

Thank you so much for checking in, Erin. Maby is really terrific…our twins are doing wonderfully with her help. And, I find you and your agency are excellent at follow-ups. I never felt abandoned by you during our search for a nanny…I can’t say the same for supposedly reputable agencies, Chicago Northfield Nannies or Chicago North Shore Nannies…nor even now, when you have already helped us find Maby. You are true to your name, First Class and Premier. Thank you so much!

By : Sharon
Bannockburn, IL

Evelia is terrific and we really really love her. It was a great match. My girls love her so much and she is so wonderful with the baby. I could not be happier So, thank you!!!

By : Meredith
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for following up. Justyna is fantastic – a great fit for our family. She has great rapport with the kids; they’re very attached to her. She handles their periodic acting out in stride. She is hard working and keeps adding to all the ways she knows us and takes care of our household needs. We are exceedingly pleased.

By : Julene
Winnetka, IL

Erin – Everything is great. Dee Dee is fantastic and we are all so happy. She’s wonderful with Sasha and is so helpful to me. She’s exactly who we were looking for and I think she feels the same about us. It’s a lovefest. Thank you for sending her to us.

By : Mitzi
Chicago, IL

I don’t have enough words to describe the wonderful family that I’ve met through your agency. They are so kind and lovely that I already feel like I am part of their family. The dog is not a problem at all (she take more naps than the baby) and the baby is sooo cute! THANKS!

By : Ioana (Nanny)
Chicago, IL

Chiquita was great during our visit to Chicago, every time we came up to check on them our baby was either sleeping or laughing, doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks Again!

By : Jennifer
San Diego, CA

Everything is GREAT!!! I love this job. Thank you so much for finding the perfect family for me.

By : Nataliya (Nanny)
Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know that Nataliya is working out GREAT. I really, really like her and the way she is with my girls and with Daniel and me. We are very happy and she seems to be too.

By : Kim
Evanston, IL

Thanks for all your help. We are very excited about Jamie starting to work for us this weeek. She seems amazing…thank you for your prompt assistance.

By : Kara
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for arranging all the interviews so quickly. I LOVED all 3 candidates you sent and have never had such a hard time making a decision. We are excited for Karrie to start working for us and thank you again for all your help.

By : Kathleen
Chicago, IL

Tatyana is wonderful. She and my daughter have taken to each other quite nicely. I’m very pleased. She is hard working, very conscientious, and always very involved with our daughter. We’re glad we picked her.

By : Lee
Skokie, IL

I wanted to say thank you so much for the job you found me. I am very happy with my position and am so grateful to have you for my agency.

By : Dusanka (Nanny)
Chicago, IL